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Retrouvaille Media Spotlight

What Does THAT Mean?! New to a Retrouvaille Community? Can't make heads or tails of an ICM or an NCRG? Not exactly sure what Formation is? Sneak a peek at the Retrouvaille Glossary for a quick summary of common acronyms and programs beyond the Retrouvaille weekend and post sessions. Still have questions, just email us.

Dialogue for a Lifetime Click on Dialogue under the "Northern Illinois & Northwest Indiana" heading to access a website that features 36,900 dialogue questions...that are indexed by subject! Now there's no reason to be without a question for the day. And don't forget the old standby: "What was my strongest feeling today? Describe in loving detail."


Formation: Another Step in Healing Post sessions are concluding...C.O.R.E. is available monthly...we've attend a Writing to Heal workshop...but what else can we do to continue our Retrouvaille journey? Consider the FORMATION WEEKEND as a next step in your journey to further heal your marriage. Read FAQ about Formation Weekend.

Inquire about the upcoming Formation in Rockford, IL from May 13-15, 2016, and register today by contacting your Community Coordinating Couple!


Retrouvaille on YouTube View a brief testimony from Allan & Teresa as interviewed by Faith Magazine.
Retrouvaille helped Allan and Teresa

October 2014: Stephen & Sandra Conway, Retrouvaille of South Africa, Testimony provided at 8th General Congregation of the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops, Rome. Read full article.

"Toward a More Perfect Union: Inspiring Stories of Marriages That Survived" February 2011: Angie & Greg Cooper were one of four couples interviewed for a Real Simple article. Read full article.

"MARRIAGE: Good For What Could Have Ailed You" September 6-12, 2009: Retrouvaille was highlighted and promoted in an article from the National Catholic Register newspaper. Read full article.

"Exploring the Roots of Marital Infidelity: And Why It Should Not Mean the End of a Catholic Couple's Marriage" September 20, 2009: Retrouvaille was featured in an article from Our Sunday Visitor newsweekly. Read full article.